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7 ways to improve your Facebook Post Engagement

Everyone does Facebook Marketing. I have seen brands which do well, and those who don’t. Plenty of them have awesome content, but the way they present, couldn’t get much attention and engagement from audiences. Once you are familiar with managing your Facebook page, it’s important to find your way to engage with your followers. There are thousand ways, but these are 7 basic tricks that should practice to improve your Facebook Post Engagement.


1. Make video

Video engagement can be the best engagement by far since 2017. Without doubt, there are so many brands that using video as their content, that is actually giving them the best results of engagement from their audience.

Take a look at the Ladbible. It’s one of the highest engagement page we can seen in Facebook, most of their contents are video.

2. All about visual

In busy times like this, everything is running in fast-paced, visual can be one of the way to catch audiences’ attentions. In addition to that, Facebook itself has been trying and experimenting with visual content on its platform. Invest more time and effort in creating good visual that attracts.

Check out what we said about social media marketing trends in 2018 that might help you in what content you should post.

3. Keep posts simple

Sometimes a simple text-only status update will go BIG!

There’s is no need for you to keep it complicated, with a long texts, plenty of fancy photos, etc.

A few catchy words wisely chose, can actually resonate with the crowd. Being simple to your fans. Knowing what they want, a simple thing can trigger something big.

4. Be persistent

Try to be consistent with posting. Post consistent and relevant content that your fans might love.

Here’s a few tricks to improve Facebook Post Engagement that what I’ve come out with after studying thru brands and successful pages.

  • Post Fill-in-the-Blanks
  • Post Photos
  • Talk About the News
  • Talk About the Trends.
  • Ask Questions

5. Show your personality

Don’t get too serious about your business, that got you away the fact that, people love your story, not how your intention to take away their money. Show your positive brand personality, like fun, engaging, love being together.

Love your brand, write more stories related to your brand. Let your brand speaks.

People love reading stories behind a everything. Not asking you should simply came out with a story, but try to find some of your stories, tell to them with a blog, or posts.

6. Controversial content

Controversial content is likely the most successful way to spike your post engagement. However, please be warned that controversial topic might actually create a backfire to your brand.

I’ve studied a few and actually found something really interesting to me about news company pages. And, many of the news are tend to be controversial and eventually create many discussion and arguments.

Consider yourself in a spot where you will eventually be at before posting a controversial issue in your post. Just because you wanted a spike in Facebook post engagement, which might eventually bring your business down.

7. Have fun

Social media is a serious marketing tool, doesn’t mean you have to be serious. Most of the users are fancy reading something fun. Have fun with the groups, love what you share and love who you engage with. People like having fun.

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