A talented Malaysia Chinese host and a voice actress who fluent is Mandarin and Cantonese. On the past 9 years, she was a DJ of 988 and One FM radio station, hosted a talk show, food program, leader board, music program, also served as a news anchor as well.

From Laptop

A lot of hand sketches are did to transform into a wireframe which able to explain how the website would function, how all information should be presented and the overall sitemap of the website. The theme of the website is fresh and simple which can easily provide a better understanding visually on the content architecture to the audience.

The Layout Details

Creative Gallery

Sharing her travel diary and also life as a foodie through blogging. The lively photo and appealing wording attract audience to click inside and read.

Form Mobile

From big screen of desktop/ laptop to mobile device interface, the visual and experience remain consistent, still looks good and functional.

Small Screen

Fully responsive down to small devices.

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