5 Ways to Promote Website

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably the enormous thing you can do to acknowledge your website to public. There are more than two billion websites as more being created every second, you can easily risk your website getting lost in the ocean of content if you don’t make your website search engine friendly and familiar to others.

Thousands of free online guides can help you improve your website’s SEO, so you don’t necessarily need the budget to hire an SEO professional. More often than not, you can fix most SEO problems on your website yourself with a few simple optimizations.

When you are looking at your website’s SEO, there are two major elements to be prioritize of: on-page and off-page SEO.

  • on-page SEO is everything you can see on your website to meet an individual’s expectation. It covers things like the website copy, images, videos, meta descriptions, responsive design, and the structure of the website.
  • off-page SEO, refers to what is going on behind the scenes. It includes the  aspects of  the  website like who is linking to it, authorization and the engagement it’s getting from readers.

For instance, most of the technical aspects of being an SEO-friendly and responsive website design are already done for you. This way, you only have to worry about making informative content.

Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your website because while you will need to make adjustments from time to time, this method largely cretaes traffic without much input once everything’s been optimized.In contrast, you should also know that it can take months to see results from this method. Great things take time.

Check out SEO Checklist here 

2. Content marketing

Content marketing is a spectacular effort to promote your website because it both improves your SEO and generates content that your audience will find useful. A common misconception is that to do content marketing, you need to blog, but that is not necessarily true. While blogs are the tried-and-true content marketing avenue, you can make  videos, create a podcast, or even start a newsletter around something related to your work.These type of content will create  engagement with the audience when there are  connections when watching the videos.This game plan is a long run which required passion and patience for a websites to stay relevant

With content marketing, the biggest thing to remember is the content you create needs to be useful, interesting, or entertaining for your audience. The best way to make sure you are  answering questions people have is to do plenty of keyword research before you get started. The people will judge the person when reacting to the comments.

If you do not  have the budget to pay for an SEO specialist, or SEO tools, to execute keyword research for you, a great free resource is AnswerThePublic. By searching for your chosen word or phrase, AnswerThePublic will show you different questions, statements, and location-based searches that users have typed into search engines. This ensures that whatever content you are planning to  make  addresses a genuine and legit customer need.

Content marketing is a promotion method that does not work in isolation, however. To reach  the effective output from content marketing, you will need to make sure you work on your website’s SEO strategy and activate your contents  through other channels like social media or paid advertising. You should also make sure that you continually create new and up to date content so your customers have a reason to keep coming back.

3. activate contents through social media

In other perspective, social media management is the well-known free method of promoting new websites — and for good reason. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have billions of users each, and it is  easy to connect with other local businesses and promote the company or brand through these platforms.

Before you get started with social media, though, you should consider what your business’s brand target is, who you are  marketing to, and who you’re trying to reach. Here is  a quick summary of the platforms you need to consider, as well as what kind of businesses they are good for:

  • Facebook: A good all-rounder for both B2B and B2C companies, regardless of brand theme. Facebook has the biggest user base, so it is good for posting regular updates about your business. The mass market is preferable for startup to identify the segmentation of the customer. Facebook Marketing is one of the best tools to promote your business and brand.
  • Twitter: Good for B2C companies that can promote themselves with short, snappy statements. Best for sharing links, creating conversations, and getting involved with your audience. It could not been denied that the rise and fall of a stock of gigantic company been influenced by Twitter.
  • Instagram: Great for both B2B and B2C. The best platform to use if your work is highly visual or if you want to reach younger adults as your primary audience.The elements of  visual and beauty are the key to create long-lasting  engagement.
  • Tiktok: Best for B2C, but it takes time to cultivate. Before you begin promoting your website on Tiktok , the account should grow with organic user that follow and wait for the new post.After moments,the soft advertisement will be great as there are loyal audiences
  • LinkedIn: Best for B2B. Often used as a hybrid social media and blogging platform, so it’s great for reaching other professionals and showcasing your expertise.

In addition you are  looking for a tried-and-tested method of promoting directly to targeted customers, then email marketing is recommended. Once you have  got your website up and running, it ease the process  to start an email marketing campaign, and many email marketing services are available that you can use for free or on a limited allocation.

While this article can not  display everything you need to know about email marketing here, the internet is packed with free guides to email marketing, for example this one from DreamHost.

The marvelous thing about email marketing is that users do not  even have to have visited your website to sign up for your email newsletter, so you can start promoting your new website before it is launched publicly. Most email marketing services will let you share a signup URL with your followers so they can subscribe to your email list without having to visit your website.

Here are few creative ideas for how to benefits the use of email marketing to promote new website with zero engagements:

  • Set a countdown timer for the launch of your website, with one email every few days showing sneak peeks of what is around the corner.
  • Send a coupon to all users who sign up to your email list before the website launches
  • Invite users to a scavenger hunt, where they have to find a hidden item on your website, with winners receiving a prize or a discount on the products.Fear of missing out will let them to attached with the website.
  • Share your first blog post as soon as your website launches

And once your website is live, you can integrate email signups into the web design so that new visitors can get updates about your business. For instance, you can easily integrate Mailchimp’s email marketing automation into your Webflow design with no HTML embeds or added scripts

5. Online communities and groups

There are myriad of online communities that let you post content to their site. For example, everyday thousands of people visit Tiktok to find new and trending products. Posting your website on Tiktok shop is a great way to organically get the ball rolling.

Another effective community that lets you post content online is Facebook. This is a well-known  platform  to share information about what is happening in tech and the developer community. In fact, the society that share the same interest will help and give advice when assistance is needed.

Besides just online communities, there are also many different media aggregators where you can post to. These websites concentrate on creating a directory of content related to a specific niche. For example, Designer News allows users to publicly share links related to design. The design will help others to develop their interest.

The great thing about online communities and media aggregators is that they are easy to post on, they can give you a link back to your website, and if your posts include content that is useful it has the potential to be shared.In other words, it is practical in modern days.

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