Website Design Colour Scheme

how to create the right emotions with color in web design

Website design is very important as it helps to reflect the image of the company. There are several colors option when building the website. The colour will represent the identity of the brand or company.


It promotes power, importance and youth. The most stimulating color, red is so energizing it has been used to increase blood circulation. Representing passion and power, red is the color that will attract the most attention, which is the reason of  it is commonly used for warnings and important notices.

Red is very proper for the No Way NSA website, whose purpose is calling alarm to a perceived threat from the NSA. Using red in the first section of the single-page site is especially clever because it calls attention to the primary message while physiologically inducing people to “get out of the danger zone” by scrolling downwards. This, of course, only makes the user engage with more content.

In contrast, this could work against you, as red can incite anger, or at least overstimulation. If you’re going for a more relaxed atmosphere, use it sparingly (or at least in a lighter shade) or not at all.


Yellow means happiness, enthusiasm and antiquity . Yellow is one of the more versatile colors, depending on the shade.

A bright yellow is a expression that define the energy’s level of the colors, without the severity of red. Middle shades of yellow give a sense of comfort while still feeling invigorating. Darker shades (including gold) can create the impression of antiquity, and lend an air of timelessness, wisdom, and curiosity.

In the above example from web design agency Flash Media, the darker shade of yellow exudes energy, curiosity, and authority. This makes a lot of sense for a company who thrives on the value of their consultancy and skills.


Historically associated with royalty, purple retains the tone of luxury, even to the point of decadence. High class and premium brand.

Purples suggests lavishness and wealth in general, making it a popular choice for fashion and luxury goods even chocolate, like the Cadbury . Lighter shades like lavender (with pink hues) are considered romantic, while darker shades seem more luxurious and mysterious.


Next, green promotes growth, stability, financial themes, environmental themes. Green bridges the gap between warm and cool colors, though tends to be more of a cool color. This means green has the same relaxing effects of blue, but still retains some of the energizing qualities of yellow. As such, it creates a very balanced and stable atmosphere. Darker shades give off more of the money/affluence feelings which you can see with Ameritrade above.

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