Website Comparison


There are two famous websites which are Wix and WordPress that will be compared in this discussion. With the comparison, it will help a user to choose the website that suit them.


It would not cost you at all to pay attention to online shoppers. If you are planning to  use Wix , then it will by ensuring that your services and products will appear in as many as the possible relevant customers. This e-commerce platform will merge site creation tools with web hosting. This merger will enable you to set up an online and professional shop that requires no coding knowledge. You might not have storage like Shopify or the convenience of switching themes like in PinnacleCart. As a top-tier, e-commerce service oriented toward novices and small enterprises, Wix Stores combine those Editors’ Choice choices.


  • User friendly
  • POS system is supported
  • Several customization options
  • Stellar uptime
  • Nil transaction fee


  • You cannot switch templates here
  • You cannot receive payments through a free trial
Word Press

WordPress is not a website builder— it is a content management system (or CMS).It is the most used tool for creating websites. WordPress is more flexible but rarely just works.


  • Plugins & Templates — Since WordPress is open source there are tons of WordPress themes and plugins available.
  • Flexible — WordPress is open source so you can code it to do whatever you’d like to— you could code your own template from scratch or even code your own ecommerce checkout flow.
  • Move Your Site Between Hosts — With WordPress, it is your own website. If you want to move to a completely new host, you can! You can’t do that with website builders (other than Tilda). Website builders provide hosting so you’re stuck with their host


  • Ease Of Use— Website builders typically have drag-and-drop editors that are easy to use. WordPress’s page editor isn’t quite as intuitive. And while there are WordPress plugins (like Elementor) that try to make it more like a website builder, they always feel like a halfway solution.
  • Everything Just Works— Website builders typically just work and WordPress… rarely just works— especially when trying to integrate third party WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Security — You are in charge of keeping WordPress up to date— and it’s important that you do. Missing a security update can leave your website vulnerable to hackers. This is one more technical thing I don’t want to have to worry about and website builders automatically take care of security

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